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The Full Story

In the heart of Eastown, "El Cerrito Cocina Mexicana" is more than just a restaurant; it's a legacy. Born from a rich tapestry of family traditions, memories, and the flavors of our childhood, we aim to share a piece of our home with every guest that walks through our doors.

El Cerrito Kitchen in Grand Rapids

Our Family

With a father boasting over 40 years of culinary expertise and a mother whose meals became legendary in our family, we learned early on that food was more than just sustenance; it was an expression of love. We absorbed the art of cooking, watching our parents and grandmother transform simple ingredients into memorable feasts.


Our parents' journey as immigrants to the U.S. instilled in us a sense of purpose. Their dreams, sacrifices, and hard work became our inspiration. As first-generation Americans, we embraced the responsibility to continue their legacy, sharing our heritage's flavors with a broader audience.

Our mission

At "El Cerrito Cocina Mexicana", we aim for more than just culinary satisfaction. We want guests to experience our family's warmth, the comfort of cherished recipes, and the joy of shared memories. Our dishes are crafted to transport you, offering a taste of home and a piece of our heart.


Join us, let the flavors narrate their tale, and be part of our continuing story.

El Cerrito Grand Rapids Story
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